Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Feature

As St. Petersburg continues to grow and gain more and more recognition, it is always nice to remember where it all began. There are many characteristics that make St. Petersburg what it is today, but one of our favorite aspects at Strobel Design Build of the Sunshine City is its unique historic neighborhoods. For over 30 years Strobel Design Build has been building, renovating, and restoring homes in the Tampa Bay area. In this blog we will take a look at the Historic Old Northeast.


The Old Northeast, formally known as North Shore, was the first established neighborhood in St. Petersburg. Located just north of downtown St. Petersburg, Old Northeast offers the perfect location for just about anyone’s needs. This neighborhood was originally covered with pine trees, sand flats, and several streams and ponds. The area slowly transformed from an agricultural and farmland area into a residential neighborhood. Some consider it as one of our city’s most desirable neighborhoods.


Most of the homes in the Old Northeast are American style-homes with window and wood wall paneling. When driving around, you can spot many seasonal decorations and families enjoying the porches and outdoor living spaces. There are brick streets and picket fences with lush foliage surrounding almost every house.


A 2001 article from the Tampa Bay Times perfectly described the Old Northeast: “If the heart of St. Petersburg is its downtown, the city’s soul probably resides in the North Shore area. It was there, in the section now called Old Northeast, that St. Petersburg blossomed from a village of farmers’ homesteads to a town born of boom-time prosperity. It thrives still, having the oldest and perhaps most influential neighborhood association in the city. Real estate values, even in some of the lower-income pockets, continue to rise. Most of St. Petersburg’s movers and shakers have lived at one time or another in a North Shore neighborhood…”


We have been privileged to restore homes within the Old Northeast and other historic neighborhoods within the community. Whether it is a Mediterranean style home or a Bungalow style home, the Strobel Design Build team has the knowledge and expertise to restore your historic home to its former glory, or renovate it with updated trends.


In 2015, we so proudly received a NARI Contractor of the Year Award (CotY) for Residential Historical Restoration on the Old Northeast home displayed below. The Strobel Design Build team extended the back of the home, renovated the kitchen, wet bar, and bathroom.


Extension on back of home. James Hardie siding and beadboard soffit to match the original exterior.


Full kitchen remodel.


Cherry wood-top island and beadboard paneling on ceiling.


Wellborn floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and Wolf gas range.


Kohler plumbing fixtures.


Cambria quartz countertops – Torquay.


Pella French doors.


Wet bar addition, featuring Wellborn cabinetry.

Bathroom1a Bathroom1b

Full bathroom remodel – Wellborn cabinetry, Kohler plumbing fixtures, and Cambria countertop.

At Strobel Design Build, we have come to appreciate both the charm and challenges that these historic homes bring. We understand the styles, materials and are well-prepared for hurdles that may present themselves during a historic home renovation. Don’t destroy your historic home with poor planning or trying to do it yourself – Leave it to the professionals at Strobel Design Build!

To see more historic restorations by Strobel Design Build, view our website gallery.

A National Award Winning Kitchen

We’re very excited to share the news! Strobel Design Build has won the NARI Contractor of the Year 2013 national award for a kitchen remodel between $40,000 and $80,000. We thought you would want to see what a national award winning kitchen looks like!



Strobel Design Build wins new 1st place CotY awards

We are proud to announce that Strobel Design Build has just won several 1st place 2013 Contractor of the Year Awards! We won within our southeast region and have moved on to compete nationally, and we also won two 1st place awards in the local NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) chapter. Here are the winning entries:

Strobel Design Build has won over 60 awards, including NARI national, regional, and national, along with Chrysalis and other industry competitions. We have been remodeling Tampa Bay homes for over 28 years.

Save yourself from the storms

Hurricane Debby Damage

Hurricane Debby tore off a client’s screen porch in Pass-A-Grille

Floridians spend half the year under the threat of hurricane season, with the national storm average for the current active era (1995-2011) including 15 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. That is a lot of storms! Not to mention the damage that can still be done with more general severe weather. That is why hurricane mitigation is so important. A FEMA study concluded that $4 is saved in response and recovery for every $1 spent on mitigation. And the upfront cost of protecting your home from wind damage is offset by discounts on your insurance premium, up to 88% on the hurricane-wind portion of your policy.

If you have an older home and are thinking about updating your roof, this is the best time to discuss wind mitigation. Many of the best ways to protect your home are easily done while the roofing work is in progress. Ask your roofer about creating a secondary water barrier, strengthening the roof deck attachment, or upgrading to stronger shingles. And while they’re working on that, we can help in the following ways:


Anchoring your walls to your roof and foundation establishes a continuous load path, unifying your structure from top to bottom against high winds and decreasing the chances that your roof will lift up during a hurricane. There are many types of connectors that can be used, but keep in mind that they are not all created equal and some will create a more stable connection than others. We can help you choose the right ones for the job.


Example of one type of connecting bracket


Gable end bracing is important to help resist high winds. Roof slopes divert wind up and away from your house, but the gable end portion is very susceptible to direct wind pressure. We can reinforce that area with cross-bracing and help protect your walls from collapsing.

Gable End Bracing

Cross bracing to reinforce your gable end


Doors and windows can be protected by many varieties of shutters or replaced with impact-resistant doors and windows. See our next blog entry for more information on opening protection.

If you are interested in seeing what types of discounts you can get on your insurance policy for various mitigation efforts, the state of Florida has a Wind Insurance Savings Calculator.

We can tell you that for our client’s typical 2500sf one-story home, the average cost of strengthening your roof connection and gable end bracing is around $2,500. With this typical home’s insurance premiums being around $4,000 per year, the potential savings are $500-800 on the hurricane-wind portion, and your investment’s pay back period is only about 3 years!

Call us today to get started on protecting your home. We’ll help you get the most insurance savings for your mitigation efforts and help you decide which choices are right for you.

Who knew “Aging in Place” could be this alluring?

Many of our remodeling projects today contain some  “Aging in Place” design features.  They can be small details like lever handles on doors in place of knobs or larger projects  like the “roll-in” shower pictured below. Your favorite design style need not be compromised for the sake of safety and aging in place practices. The historic Clearwater home’s bathroom pictured below maintained it’s original  character while accommodating physically challenged family members.


design features to note in this award winning bath…..

Small format tile on floor – provides more grip for the feet, and less slipping.
Walk/Roll-in shower – accommodates wheelchairs and gives a clean, and seamless visual line.

Built -in Seats – helpful to rest and sit while showering or shaving.

Pedestal Sink –  helpful for tight quarters and  wheelchair friendlier than a floor cabinet

Handheld shower head – this luxury is often overlooked. Adjustable and  helpful for short & tall individuals to reach. Some can be 3’ to 7’ high, depending on hose length and style.
Lighting – additional lighting (task and ambient) in small spaces such as the shower, or small corridors helps eliminate falls and potential injury.
Faucet Fixtures – lever handles provide easier grab-action instead of knobs that may be hard to reach from a wheelchair position, or if arthritis is a challenge.
Niches –  wall niches for organized “out of the way” safe storage.


Check out this video for easy home modifications for those who like to do-it-yourself!

City of St. Petersburg to receive “The Lens” as new pier design.

This design called “The Lens”, by Architect Michael Maltzan, will be the new face of St. Petersburg, Florida. The design is to remain within a $45 million dollar budget for phase I of the new build. What are your thoughts on the future landmark of St. Pete?

Click here to read the entire presentation from MM Architecture: http://www.stpete.org/pierdesign/docs/Michael_Maltzan_Architecture.pdf

Have you seen our latest press release?!

Strobel Design Build’s design for  a guest house in the downtown St. Petersburg area was published on the cover of St. Pete Magazine this past month! Here what one of the team members has to say about the project:

“This design was very tricky.” [Says Strobel Design Build’s allied ASID designer Meryl Halsey.] “The objective was to fit two full size beds for guests, storage for their luggage or other miscellaneous items, a kitchenette, a living room, and a bathroom with a stand-up shower into the very small 10′ by 15′ space! We reached our goal by designing a “trundle” type bed that pulls out from underneath the raised kitchen floor. This also allowed for a eat-at bar area for the guests and an interesting approach to keeping the areas of the small space separate, yet conjoined. The second “bedroom” was elevated over the bathroom area, accessed by a ladder. We added ice block glass to provide more natural light into the small space, while keeping the privacy they desired. This was a very fun project and I think it came together quite nicely. Upon existing the beautiful “Casita” one follows a beautifully designed spiral staircase to the rooftop “party” deck! The real cherry on top of this design! With added space on the rooftop of the new-build, the client wanted to add an area to overlook Vinoy Park and the Bay. They wanted a space to entertain guests, so we finished the deck in a resilient Azek decking surface, it will hold up for many many years and will not fade in the sun. All-together this job was a complete success!” 

 Here is a clip for you…be sure to pick up your copy today!!


Strobel Design Build to win four CoTY Awards 2012!

St. Petersburg, FL, February 29, 2012—

We are pleased to announce that we have received four Contractor of the Year awards from the Tampa Bay Chapter of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).
Presented at the Chapter’s annual Evening of Excellence on Friday, Febrary 17, the awards were:

The CoTY awards are the showcase of the annual Tampa Bay NARI Chapter’s project award competition.
Strobel Design Build has won over 40 CoTY Awards in the local competition and several more in the regional and national CoTY competition. The company has been remodeling Tampa Bay homes for over 28 years.
These projects represent the very best work of the professional tradesman and designers in the Tampa Bay region who belong to the regions most respected and trusted trade organization.