Who knew “Aging in Place” could be this alluring?

Many of our remodeling projects today contain some  “Aging in Place” design features.  They can be small details like lever handles on doors in place of knobs or larger projects  like the “roll-in” shower pictured below. Your favorite design style need not be compromised for the sake of safety and aging in place practices. The historic Clearwater home’s bathroom pictured below maintained it’s original  character while accommodating physically challenged family members.


design features to note in this award winning bath…..

Small format tile on floor – provides more grip for the feet, and less slipping.
Walk/Roll-in shower – accommodates wheelchairs and gives a clean, and seamless visual line.

Built -in Seats – helpful to rest and sit while showering or shaving.

Pedestal Sink –  helpful for tight quarters and  wheelchair friendlier than a floor cabinet

Handheld shower head – this luxury is often overlooked. Adjustable and  helpful for short & tall individuals to reach. Some can be 3’ to 7’ high, depending on hose length and style.
Lighting – additional lighting (task and ambient) in small spaces such as the shower, or small corridors helps eliminate falls and potential injury.
Faucet Fixtures – lever handles provide easier grab-action instead of knobs that may be hard to reach from a wheelchair position, or if arthritis is a challenge.
Niches –  wall niches for organized “out of the way” safe storage.


Check out this video for easy home modifications for those who like to do-it-yourself!

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  1. Love the site. Plus, the construction workers in NY sitting on a girder for lunch has always been one of my favorite shots of “what built America”.

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